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As a cross-cultural aficionado who specializes in helping non-native, advanced English-speaking engineers and technical professionals make a bigger contribution to their organizations as thought leaders, I am passionate about leveling the playing field for cross-cultural leaders. Specifically, I build confidence and eliminate hesitation that diminishes their contributions to important conversations and projects.  Organizations work with me because their brilliant technical staff are either talkative and rambling or quiet and seemingly unengaged in the process at times. I help these brilliant technical professionals to shift their communication style from technical expert to thought leader.

Beyond Pronunciation

Are you an engineer or technical professional who has struggled with people understanding your accent, or perhaps just people's perceptions of you based on your accent? 

 Virtually all of my clients have had the same experience.  Our training and coaching programs explore clarity Beyond Pronunciation and debunk the theory that pronunciation is the problem with your clarity.  I’ll show you how to improve your clarity, and your meaningful connections with others, using three strategies. 

Improve your cross-cultural communication skills and learn how to:

  • Communicate authentically and confidently so that your ideas resonate with others
  • Make it easier for your listener to understand your message more deeply - and retain the message. 
  • Engage others with your message so that they recall your message like a tune that they can’t stop humming

I invite you to book a free 45-minute in-depth assessment meeting with me in which I will help you understand  your communication style and the steps you need to take to improve for the leadership track.  If you are a good fit for my program, I’ll share the details with you. And if you’re not, you will still walk away with some insights about your communication style and how to achieve your goals.


In the meantime, please feel free to expand your awareness and your communication style with the free resources below, or learn a little about me in the "About Us" section of the above menu bar. I look forward to continuing the conversation with you.


Your cross-cultural communication coach,

Christal Reed


Tailored for engineers and technical professionals who would like to transform their communications style from "technical professional" to "technical thought leader"
  • Clarify Like the Thought Leader that You Are! (Instructional Videos)
  • What does it take to become a thought leader? (Linked In Article)
  • Clarity is Gold (e-book)
  • How to achieve the Communication Style of Thought Leaders (video)

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"Thank you for making English learning such a positive experience for me. With your patience, I am not afraid to make mistakes on my pronunciations and do not feel awkward to repeat practices with you in order to reduce my accent. I am also motivated by your creative teaching, which encourages me to apply the communication skills I learnt from you in my daily life.""

Ileen Peng
Financial Officer

"The instructor was able to adapt the course to our needs in the most effective and professional way. Her positive attitude and continuous encouragement made the lessons a very enjoyable experience. The material and information covered has significantly impacted my academic and professional activities to reach my desired goals."

Ivan Olea
PhD candidate

"Christal is an excellent instructor. She was well organized, thorough and creative in her ideas. Christal was highly respected by both students and colleagues in the program and demonstrated high professionalism throughout….we have offered Christal another teaching contract"

Audrey Olson
Mount Royal University

"I really enjoy Christal’s training style. Her feedback is always supportive and helpful. She really cares about helping me with my specific communication issues. Now, I am much more aware of how to optimize my communication style to engage others and develop strong relationships. "

Baocheng Sheng
Director of Engineering and Construction, PetroChina Canada

"Thank you so much for your advice! It is incredible that you pointed out areas (in my business correspondence) that make a lot of sense now. I am going to rewrite them."

Bernard Leung, Png,
DB Air Qualityle

"We appreciated Christal’s diverse background and experience during a recent one-week substitute-teaching contract. While she was subbing for us, our program was terminated. Christal agreed to be responsible for preparation and delivery of CLB assessments for reading comprehension, writing, and listening/speaking skills for a CLB 3-4 class, which she completed by the end of the week. These assessments assisted us in determining our students’ levels for placement in new schools."

Shirley Edwards
Regional Manager, Bredin Centre

"I couldn't be happier than being in the current state of confident mind with ability to speak and listen clearly. I appreciate and feel fortunate that we have connected before it was too late and have an understanding where I was and what I learnt so far. I would love to take the final leg of the program, which could complete the full program."

Chakravarthy Korra
P. Eng., EP., M. Eng.

"I am already implementing whatever we are learning. Today, in the office, somebody gave me the name for a person to contact. I was not able to write the complete name, so I used the 3-point clarification system. I realized that if I use it more often, it will become a habit. … Christal, very exciting and very adventurous last six weeks."

Roshi Soni
P. Eng, PMP

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