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Calling All “Closet Thought Leaders”: 3 Strategies to Reveal Your Thought Leadership

Did you know that there are many “closet thought leaders” already working within virtually every organization.  Christal Reed has met with hundreds of “closet thought leaders” over the years and keeps notes in every meeting. In this presentation, she shares their secret fears and aspirations, as well as why they are not seen as the thought leaders that they are.  Finally, she’ll share three tips to make sure that you don’t become a “closet thought leader.”

Reveal your thought leadership!

 Clients say...

★ The systematic strategy for preparing for meetings has saved me lot of time since I completed the course! Her on-line coaching course was a convenient short cut to achieving my communication goals.  It was time and money well spent. Victor P., Post Doctoral Scholar

★ After working together for just four weeks, I am a firm believer that the structuralized course will achieve the results with proper implementation. Pei, PEng

★ In life there are experiences that you know will be life-changing in many ways; for me, taking Christal’s course “Creating Meaningful Connections” was one of them. This experience has opened to me many doors, both in my career and also on a personal level. Alexandra C., IT Security Engineer


Creating Meaningful Connections (CMC) Series


Welcome to CREATING MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS, a uniquely designed signature program where engineers and technical professionals learn how shift their communication style from technical expert to thought leader in order to grow their sphere of influence and their contributions to their organizations.

Actionable Steps.          Measurable Results.

Experienced & Sensitive Facilitator to Work with VIPs, C-level, and Expats


CREATING MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS (CMC) is conveniently offered in several formats shown below: Executive, Small Group Fast Track, Small Group Premium, Workshops (1-4 participants), and Self-directed On-line Study.

* Designed for advanced, non-native, English-speaking engineers and technical professionals. *

Corporate leaders/HR Managers, please contact me at:   [email protected]   to schedule a meeting to discuss your staff's needs. 


6 Week One-on-one Training

The ultimate in flexibility, customization, and measurable results - live, one-on-one coaching


Visibility Coaching:  Expand Your Career


Your Schedule | Your Training Objectives | Your Career Goals

Show me the tools for how to express myself as the thought leader that I am!


4 Week Small Group Training

Pre  + Post-Clarity Assessments for each Learner = Measurable Results


Includes a pre-set syllabus of 4 cross-cultural communication workshops  


On-line Resources & Recordings for Absent Participants and Reinforcement

Show me how to shift my communication style in 5 key areas!


6 Week Small Group Training

Syllabus-related Pre + Post-Clarity Assessments for each Learner = Measurable Results


Includes a pre-set syllabus of 6 cross-cultural communication workshops


On-line Resources & Recordings for Absent Participants and Reinforcement

Show me how to shift my communication style in 7 key areas!


Master Your Clarity (MYC) Series


Welcome to Master your Clarity (MYC), a program that focuses on perfect clarity, not the perfect Canadian, American, or British accent. Very advanced, even fluent, non-native, English speakers take our program because, in addition to the mechanics of sound, we focus on how to use sound to create meaningful connections so that our clients can be seen as the thought leaders that they are!

Designed for Engineers           Measurable Results


All three Master Your Clarity (MYC) courses are conveniently offered in two formats:

1. On-line, self-study - instructional videos (with me as your instructor). This on-line option is complemented with a one-hour BONUS coaching session, which includes a pre-assessment, learning strategies, and thought leader coaching to optimize your results.

2. Executive Coaching, which offers flexibly scheduled, live, one-on-one coaching sessions for personalized feedback.

Courses are flexibly designed to be 4 to 6 weeks in duration, depending on the learning and scheduling needs of the client.

Experienced & Sensitive Facilitator to Work with VIPs, C-level, and Expats

Corporate leaders/HR Managers, please contact me at:   [email protected]   to schedule a meeting to discuss your staff's needs. 


Self-study or Executive Coaching


Master the mechanics of vowel sounds beyond pronunciation, enhancing both your vowel sound production and your meaningful connections with others.  

Understanding the true purpose of vowels is the first and most important step in producing multi-syllable technical words clearly and convincingly.

I would like to learn how to create meaningful connections with vowels!


Self-study or Executive Coaching


Master the mechanics of consonant for clarity and to improve your listening comprehension - resulting in meaningful connections with others.

 Fill in small gaps and shine a light on blind spots in the pre-assessment to achieve your goals quickly and easily.


I would like to Master my Clarity!


Self-study or Executive Coaching


Master the prinicples of rhythm & stress to deliver a clear, confident message, improve your listening comprehension and engage others as the thought leader that you are!

Learn patterns and systems to speak clearly, convincingly, and confidently.


I would like to shift from technical communicator to thought leader!


Thought Leader Series

Welcome to our THOUGHT LEADER programs in which engineers and technical professionals focus on one specific element of professional communication to learn, practice, receive feedback, and finally, implement in the workplace with personalized support and coaching to ensure success.

Actionable Steps.          Measurable Results.



 Both the workshops and the courses are offered in executive and small group formats.

Experienced & Sensitive Facilitator to Work with VIPs, C-level, and Expats

Corporate leaders/HR Managers, please contact me at:   [email protected]   to schedule a meeting to discuss your staff's needs. 



 Executive or Small Group Training

Four-part, fast-paced course where you will prepare & practice a presentation ready to present

Prepare and present an engaging introduction, body, and conclusion, as well as effective visuals

Deliver your presentation in-person or on-line engagingly to create meaningful connections

Designed for technical presenters | ample feedback | measurable results

Show me how to present like a thought leader


Executive or Small Group Training

A buffet of workshops to help you create meaningful connections and speak like a thought leader in just one hour!  

Designed for your success:

  • Set SMART goals
  • A systematic approach designed for your success
  • Free accountability meeting 
  • Flexible scheduling

(Text & audio summaries of each workshop for easy selection.)

I would like to browse the library of workshops for thought leaders


 Executive of Small Group Training

Customized Course to write emails that clearly communicate your solutions, proposals, issues and requirements - and motivate others to action!

Receive weekly personalized feedback on your work emails

Please Note: This is NOT a grammar course - Your email messages WILL improve without grammar lessons. (for advanced English speakers)

Show me how to write quick, professional emails that create meaningful connections!
Download your FREE CHAPTER  from my book, 
Clarity is Gold.
Chapter 3, Organize your Email to Promote Understanding and Action,   is packed full of tips, strategies and expressions to help you write emails like the thought leader that you are, so with just a "click," you can shift your communication style before your first email tomorrow morning! 
Learn how to:
  1. Convey bad news
  2. Make the meat of your message more concise in less time
  3. Increase clarity in order to reduce email tag
  4. Save time with 10 email openers to create a warm energy and meaningful connections
  5. Inspire action with these 7 email closers
  6. Choose the right words to add clarity and professionalism to your message
  7. Write effectively with an easy e-mail checklist
Clarity is Gold is packed full of tips, strategies, and expressions to help engineers and technical professionals Create Meaningful Connections on the Leadership Track. 

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10 Recommendations to Help You ENJOY Reading in English

Oct 05, 2020

At Global Connections, our mission is to help you to shift your communication style from technical professional to thought leader so that you can expand your opportunities on the leadership track. These are some of the organizations that our thought leaders are proud to work with.

Here's what our customers say.

"Thank you for making English learning such a positive experience for me. With your patience, I am not afraid to make mistakes on my pronunciations and do not feel awkward to repeat practices with you in order to reduce my accent. I am also motivated by your creative teaching, which encourages me to apply the communication skills I learnt from you in my daily life."

Ileen Peng, Financial Officer

"The instructor was able to adapt the course to our needs in the most effective and professional way. Her positive attitude and continuous encouragement made the lessons a very enjoyable experience.  The material and information covered has significantly impacted my academic and professional activities to reach my desired goals."

Ivan Olea, PhD Candidate

"Christal is an excellent instructor. She was well organized, thorough and creative in her ideas. Christal was highly respected by both students and colleagues in the program and demonstrated high professionalism throughout….we have offered Christal another teaching contract"

Chakravarthy Korra, P. Eng., EP., M. Eng. 

Cross-cultural Aficionado...

Among other things, I am a cross-cultural aficionado. "My family moved around a lot when I was a child, and I have continued my family’s nomadic tendencies, travelling to twenty-one countries so far, including working as an expatriate in South Korea, participating in a university field school in Guatemala, and travelling vicariously by hosting international guests in my home for 10 years.  Each cross-cultural adventure has afforded me the opportunity to experience and study first-hand how business transactions are conducted, how problems are solved, how decision-making and leadership styles are managed, and a host of other cultural aspects.

Actually, since my degree in International Relations, I have never stopped learning and growing my insights about other cultures. I love all things cross-cultural – books, movies, documentaries, seminars. Most of my friends originate from other cultures, including my life partner, Alex, who is from Brazil.

Being a cross-cultural communication coach is not just a profession for me – it is a calling that comes from a lifetime of being the new person, as well as welcoming new people. With this calling, I have spent years assisting both newcomers and seasoned immigrants alike to build cross-cultural communication skills to grow their engineering and technical careers and make a bigger contribution to their organizations.

Row 1: Alex and I exploring Machu Pichu, Peru; Calgary Chinese New Year's Festival; Presenting Certificates of Achievement to graduates at PetroChina Canada

Row 2: Calgary Immigrant Women's Association Workshop Series; Gladys Narula- Founder of Execore Spectrum in Mumbai India; Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad, India

Row 3: Transportation Research Board Conference in Washington; Sreya Ghose - Head Client Engagement of Sannam S4 in Mumbai, India; Alex and I on Segway's in Antwerp, Belgium

Row 4:  Air Transport Research Society Conference Dinner with Alex in Antwerp, Belgium; Presenting to soon-to-be immigrants to Canada for the Canadian Immigrant Integration Program in Mumbai, India; enjoying the plethora of fruit on a banana plantation bed and breakfast in Southeastern Brazil