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Welcome to Global Connections ESL
Clarity Focused Business Communication Training

We show non-native English-speaking professionals the strategies to convey complex ideas more clearly, concisely and confidently using our proprietary, proven 5-Step Program called Say It Clearly.

Do you have a skilled technology professional on your team who you cannot promote as a result of his or her inability to clearly and persuasively communicate ideas and build relationships?

An entry-level engineer earns $60,000 annually, whereas a senior level engineer earns about $90,000 and a managing engineer earns approximately $140,000 a year. The difference is that entry level engineers communicate about tasks and senior and managing engineers talk about ideas and relationships.  The salary differential has little to do with the level of education or technical skills, but rather the career is related to their ability to express ideas and build relationships.  This principle applies to all industries and professions. If you cannot express ideas clearly and confidently, you will never earn what you are worth.

Christal is a powerful presenter and public speaker with a compelling message about the importance of clarity in communication.  

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Announcing - My New e-Book Clarity is Gold
Get It for Just $5.99

My new e-book gives you strategies, practical business conventions, and tons of valuable information to help you make a great first impression verbally or in writing. 

The e-book is 32 pages in length and includes these chapters:
1. Express Your Contact Information to Develop Trust
2. Talk “Spontaneously” and Establish Credibility
3. Organize your E-mail to Promote Understanding and Action
4. Conversational Strategies for Guaranteed Clarity
5. Presenting your Achievements Persuasively

After purchasing the e-book, you will immediately be able to download it in PDF format.  

Purchase the e-Book now

*** Get 3 x instructional videos - FREE ***

Start now to Master Your Clarity. Here are 3 x instructional videos that you can watch for free:

Video #1: "Three Steps To Help You Convey Your Name Clearly and Confidently the First Time" so that people understand it, can pronounce it, and remember it whether you have a foreign sounding name, or not.

Video #2: “Communicate Your Address Clearly” Typically, we are giving our address to strangers and/or over the phone - customers, prospective employers, government officials, etc. Clarity is the key to trust and the first impressions that establish your career, close the sale, and allow you to collaborate on projects.

Video #3: “Communicate your Phone Number Clearly”. There may be several reasons why your listener might not understand your phone number. He may speak English as a second language too; there may be ambient noise in the room; she may have been distracted by a malfunctioning pen while you were dictating your phone number. Use these strategies to clearly communicate your phone number every time.


It's Easy.

Enter your name and email address below.  We will send you an email with the instructions for how to access your 3 x free instructional videos.

The Say It Clearly In-person Training Services

Executive Coaching

$3600 + GST *


Corporate Group Training

$10,560 + GST *

* Investment in each program will vary depending on the number of participants, training materials required, amount of customization, travel expenses, etc.  

For more information, please call Christal at 403-241-1390 or send an email to

The Say It Clearly Online Coaching Programs

“Communication is about more than completing tasks - it is about connecting with others in a meaningful way to achieve results.” - Christal Reed

Step 1A - Vowel Production

This course is Step One Part One of the Say It Clearly Master Program (ie.  a subset to get started with).  This multi-faceted course will make you aware of the mechanics of vowel sounds, enhancing both your vowel sound production and your listening comprehension, providing the tools to shift your clarity and your relationships.

Learn More

Step 1B - Consonant Production

This course is Step One Part Two of the Say It Clearly Master Program (ie.  a subset to get started with).  This multi-faceted course will make you aware of the mechanics of consonant sounds, enhancing both your vowel sound production and your listening comprehension, providing the tools to shift your clarity and your relationships

Learn More

Step 2 - Rhythm and Stress (at the word level and sentence level)

Unlike many other languages where every syllable is the same length, English is a time-stressed language where both word stress and sentence stress contribute to your comprehension.

Learn More

Step 3: Clarification Strategies and Telephone Skills

There are many clarification systems built into conventional business communication. Knowing how to confidently use these clarification tools, like a native-English speaker, creates a confident leadership style that others will notice.

.Coming Soon...


Step 4: Organizational Strategies

Many cultures communicate in a circular fashion, presenting a complex web of ideas. Western cultures, however, communicate in a linear manner. Using Western organizational conventions will assist your listeners with comprehension, as well as message retention.


Coming Soon....

Step 5: Vocal Variety and Impromptu Speaking

Vocal variety allows us to establish social connections with our listeners such as establishing credibility, developing empathy, and clearly stating a point of view. Learn how to implement this powerful communication skill when life presents an unexpected opportunity to you. This advanced intonation component truly is gold for those whose jobs require human relations.

Coming Soon...

Master Program

This is the full Say It Clearly program that is built on 5 Steps to help you achieve clarity in your English language.   It is combines online technology for self-study along with live coaching calls to review your work and to connect with your instructor.

Speaking the language is not enough if you can't communicate your ideas...clearly.  

Coming soon....

Other Courses

Write It Clearly

This is a stand-alone course with personalized instructor feedback on one of your e-mails each week. We will give you powerful expressions for starting and ending your e-mails.  In addition, we’ll  show you how to write e-mails that clearly communicate your solutions, proposals, issues, and requirements while motivating others to action!

Learn More

"Thank you for making English learning such a positive experience for me. With your patience, I am not afraid to make mistakes on my pronunciations and do not feel awkward to repeat practices with you in order to reduce my accent. I am also motivated by your creative teaching, which encourages me to apply the communication skills I learnt from you in my daily life.""

Ileen Peng
Financial Officer

"The instructor was able to adapt the course to our needs in the most effective and professional way. Her positive attitude and continuous encouragement made the lessons a very enjoyable experience. The material and information covered has significantly impacted my academic and professional activities to reach my desired goals."

Ivan Olea
PhD candidate

"Christal is an excellent instructor. She was well organized, thorough and creative in her ideas. Christal was highly respected by both students and colleagues in the program and demonstrated high professionalism throughout….we have offered Christal another teaching contract"

Audrey Olson
Mount Royal University

"I really enjoy Christal’s training style. Her feedback is always supportive and helpful. She really cares about helping me with my specific communication issues. Now, I am much more aware of how to optimize my communication style to engage others and develop strong relationships. "

Baocheng Sheng
Director of Engineering and Construction, PetroChina Canada

"Thank you so much for your advice! It is incredible that you pointed out areas (in my business correspondence) that make a lot of sense now. I am going to rewrite them."

Bernard Leung, Png,
DB Air Qualityle

"We appreciated Christal’s diverse background and experience during a recent one-week substitute-teaching contract. While she was subbing for us, our program was terminated. Christal agreed to be responsible for preparation and delivery of CLB assessments for reading comprehension, writing, and listening/speaking skills for a CLB 3-4 class, which she completed by the end of the week. These assessments assisted us in determining our students’ levels for placement in new schools."

Shirley Edwards
Regional Manager, Bredin Centre

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