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Did you know that vowels hold the emotion of the language?

clarity engineers vowels Jul 18, 2020

Did you know that vowels hold the emotion of the language? The problem is that vowels can be so tricky to master for non-native English speakers, can’t they?  Here is one simple strategy you can implement to shift your clarity.

Often times the non-native speakers aren’t giving their vowels enough time to complete the sound. Savour your vowels like a piece of delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, dark chocolate cake. Holding your vowels for a fraction of a second longer not only allows you to convey how you feel about the words you say, but it will also improve comprehensibility. Therefore, your audience will also be more engaged with your message. Engagement means that you have made that all-important connection – a connection that creates the possibility for you to resolve conflicts, land the job, and close the deal!

Your Tip: Read out loud for five minutes a day. Children’s stories are perfect for practicing to bring the message alive with your voice. Read it slowly, with emotion, and allow you and your children to enjoy the drama of the story. Record the story-telling on your phone, and then listen to self-evaluate.