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Are you observer, yes-man, nay-sayer, or thought leader at meetings?

engineers leaders meetings Jul 25, 2020

Are you the observer, the yes-man, the nay-sayer, or the thought leader at meetings?

Meetings create opportunities to influence others. to make decisions, or to solve problems? Each person in the discussion has a role to play in reaching the objectives. Forget about your title for a moment. What is your role in the discussion? Are you the observer, the yes-man, the nay-sayer, or the thought leader?

How can you up-your-game? Before you walk into the meeting, take sixty seconds to set the intention to:

1. Speak slowly and clearly

2. Smile and make eye contact

3. Prepare a post-it-note of bullets with the points you wish to contribute

4. Support others by affirming their suggestions or complimenting them

5. Create the mindset of the leader you intend to be

Ask for feedback regarding your meeting participation at your next performance review.

Let’s talk about your plan to develop the clear, confident, authentic, cross-cultural communication style of thought leaders. 

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