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Why Engineers Should Improve Their Rhythm & Stress – Even If They Already Speak Clearly

Whether we are communicating in song, poetry, or prose, the meaning of words is deepened by the rhythm of the delivery. These rhythms are created with patterns.

Communication patterns are pervasive because they create efficiencies and a standardized quality in the delivery of our message, similar to the rationale for the use of design patterns by engineers. Without patterns, communication is confusing, inefficient, and lacks the cultural connections that are the hallmark of an authoritative thought leader.

 Poetry is based on a pattern of stressed syllables, such as iambic, which produces an unstressed + stressed pattern. Music is also made up of patterns, such as 3/4 or 4/4 time. Although more complex, the spoken word utilizes patterns, as well. The spoken word conveys emotions, inferences, and salient points with stress patterns that create meaningful connections. These tones and patterns are culturally bound; therefore, this is typically the final stage in a non-native...

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