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Two Pillars to Develop Your Leadership Communication Style

Published on April 30, 2020

As a successful engineer progressing to leadership roles, you talk less and less about tasks, and more and more about ideas and relationships. At this level, communication is about creating meaningful connections through word choices and using our voice as an instrument to build relationships and create an organizational energy that optimizes productivity.

You already speak English well but do you want to create an English communication style that levels the playing field with those engineering leaders that you so admire?

You are knowledgeable but do you feel uncomfortable with challenging other’s ideas in English?

As an engineer, you have experience relaying complex, detailed information but do you want to be able to convey complex, technical details in English WHILE negotiating the priorities of project costs and deadlines WHILE being persuasive, motivating, diplomatic?

You might think that your English is the reason why you are challenged in your...

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