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4 Techniques to Express How you Feel to Create Meaningful Connections


Would you like to make more meaningful connections with your team, clients, or in networking situations?

This fun activity (with 4-minute instructional video) will teach you the mechanics of creating vocal variety to master your clarity and express your message meaningfully.

There are 4 techniques to create vocal variety:

1. Speak More Loudly - yes, just increase the volume of your voice to highlight important words

eg. Take this to Room 334


2. Drag Out Your Sounds - especially the vowels

eg. Take this to Roooom threeeee thirrrrty-fooour


3. Pause - 1) pause at ALL punctuation; 2) pause before you say the most important words in your instructions to your staff; 3) pause to chunk information so that your listeners can not only understand your message, but retain your message more easily.

eg. Take this to … Room 334.


4. FEEL your message.

eg. Take this to Room 334.

 [If you’re happy (or at least not angry), show it! Smile and make eye...

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