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45 Expressions to Improve Clarity and Inclusivity

45 Expressions to Improve Clarity and Inclusivity

 For engineers and technical professionals, it’s often not the technical portion of the message that requires clarification. However, those technical details are embedded in a larger message. In this article, I aim to not only coach my advanced non-native English thought leaders, but also advocate for them… for a seat at the table that is inclusive and respectful.

English speakers seem more reluctant to write or speak with “formal” English than ever before. Nevertheless, at the level of word choices, “formal” English offers clarity to the greatest number of people world-wide.  Moreover, from my perspective, this old-fashioned style of expressing ourselves is neither formal nor informal. It merely applies more precise, accurate word choices, which adds clarity to our messages. Whereas, less precise, vague expressions often must be understood in context and is more likely to require...

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