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Three Secrets to Developing the Authoritative Communication Style of Thought-Leaders

Get ready, set...Go! In a few months, we’ll all be standing at the starting line. Those that are prepared will blow past those who stood around wringing their hands, waiting for the world to fall apart. For highly-motivated engineers on the leadership track, this pause in the rat race is a gift to develop an authoritative cross-cultural communication style for themselves.

 Those who maintain control of their career and embrace life-long learning are better poised to roll with the punches in any economy.  Aligning our technical expertise with a clear, confident, authentic cross-cultural communication style allows us to speak as experts in our field, allowing us to be recognized as thought leaders – within our organization and within our industry.

 Although non-native English engineers are passionate and engaged experts in the issues related to their work, they don’t always convey their passion WHILE presenting their technical solutions.

 As an...

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4 Techniques to Express How you Feel to Create Meaningful Connections


Would you like to make more meaningful connections with your team, clients, or in networking situations?

This fun activity (with 4-minute instructional video) will teach you the mechanics of creating vocal variety to master your clarity and express your message meaningfully.

There are 4 techniques to create vocal variety:

1. Speak More Loudly - yes, just increase the volume of your voice to highlight important words

eg. Take this to Room 334


2. Drag Out Your Sounds - especially the vowels

eg. Take this to Roooom threeeee thirrrrty-fooour


3. Pause - 1) pause at ALL punctuation; 2) pause before you say the most important words in your instructions to your staff; 3) pause to chunk information so that your listeners can not only understand your message, but retain your message more easily.

eg. Take this to … Room 334.


4. FEEL your message.

eg. Take this to Room 334.

 [If you’re happy (or at least not angry), show it! Smile and make eye...

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