Creating Meaningful Connections Workshop Series
for Thought Leaders

 1-1 Coaching  for Engineers and Technical Professionals Wanting to Shift Their Communication Style

What is the Creating Meaningful Connections Workshop Series?

This series of workshops is comprised of a number of topics that focus on a range of skills and topics that can have an immediate and significant impact on your communication ability as a thought leader.  The topics have been chosen based on 20-years of experience helping engineers and technical professionals to communicate like thought leaders.

Each workshop is delivered live as a one-on-one coaching session or in a small group. The trainer is a communication specialist experienced in helping engineers and technical professionals shift their communication style.

The workshops listed below are not sequential and can be selected at any time in any order.
Choose the topic that is the area of your communication that you need to focus on most at this  time. Click on the +sign beside any workshop title to read about the details of each workshop or to listen to a description.

Each workshop is scheduled at your convenience, and delivered on zoom.  After registering you will receive an email with a link to an online calendar where you can select a date and time that is convenient to you.  The email also shows the zoom link to use for the coaching session. 

15 Workshops in 3 Key Areas Tailored to Help You Convey Your Message Like the Thought Leader that You Are!


(click on the + sign beside each title to listen to an audio explanation of each workshop)

1. Creating Meaningful Connections

2. Organizing Clearly and Concisely

3. Mastering Your Clarity

Christal Reed is a Corporate and Executive Trainer for Advanced Non-native English-speaking* Engineers & Technical Professionals


Corporate Trainer for Expatriates | Coach | Author | Webinar Speaker | Presenting Like a Thought Leader | Cross-Cultural Leadership Communication | Writing E-mails Like a Thought Leader